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Shellac and Calgel Nails in Solihull

Holly is a Calgel qualified nail technician providing nail treatments and enhancements in Solihull

Welcome to Holly Nina Nails

Holly specialises in all nail treatments and nail enhancements and ensures the use of the highest quality products and a high standard of treatment and care, She has over 11 years experience and always offers a service with a smile.

Treatments include manicures, natural nail overlays, nail extensions and bespoke nail art. If you are after something in particular please contact Holly and she will do her best to meet your requirements.

benefits of Calgel and CND Shellac vs other nail enhancements

Calgel and CND Shellac are both organic based products that promote healthy nails which look natural and feel strong.

Calgel can be applied to either your natural nail or with an extension whereas the Shellac can only be applied over your natural nail.

The results from both are a semi permanent polished finish that does not chip, both are available in clear, colour and French finish. Longevity between the two options vary.

  • Thin and natural looking
  • It’s flexible, meaning if you bang your nail the gel will flex slightly stopping the gel from shattering and lifting itself from your nail bed.
  • Not tested on animals
  • No MMA
  • Both products are breathable and moisture can penetrate through the gel therefore still keeping your nails healthy and not making them dry like other nail products can
  • Comes in a wide variety of colours which are non-chip
  • Safe and quick to soak off
  • Speedy process – you can be in and out in your lunch break
  • Odourless
  • No primer required like other nail enhancements (which dehydrates your natural nails -alot!)
  • Holly will always apply a layer of clear gel before adhering any plastic tip to your natural nail so no blending will be done with files against your nail bed, so you won’t end up with ridges down your nails like you may have received from previous visits to other nail bars.

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